As part of the 2015 BBC Charter Review entitled British Bold Creative the BBC have indicated the possible development of a streaming music service.

Page 84 of the review has more details which is available online.

The review states,

To that end, we have developed a digital music proposal with the music industry, which builds on BBC Music’s Playlister. It would make the 50,000 tracks the BBC broadcasts every month available to listen online, for a limited period. Audiences would be able to access this music via playlists curated by the BBC, and they would be able to build their own playlists based on the music they hear and love on the BBC.

Interestingly there is the indication of an open standard system which would make the BBC offering unique,

Our music product would be the only one in the market which would be fully open and integrated with other digital providers. Users will be able to transfer playlists between digital music products, and access them after BBC availability has expired through third-party providers.

However the real value of the BBC within this area could well be the extensive performance back catalogue stretching from the Top of the Pops, TOTP2, Live Lounge to the Last Night of the Proms.