Reaper has now been updated to version 5.20 which includes a number of bug fixes and a new feature, a MIDI notation editor.

From the update list

  • Automation: add trim volume envelope, actions to apply to/from trim to volume envelopes
  • Automation: improve rounding behaviour when at the end of square envelope segments
  • CoreAudio: try to normalize samplerates when opening multiple devices
  • CoreAudio: only open one device when using a single default device
  • FX: change default FX resize to down as well as up
  • FX: reduce memory use for plug-ins with large state data
  • JSFX: make @serialize faster and use less memory
  • JSFX: add WigWare Multi-Channel VU Meter
  • Project bay: improve handling of folders when full source media path changes
  • Project bay: preserve source media folders when media is removed and re-added to project

More details online.