Cycling74 have announced the release of Max 7.2.3 a minor update to Max 7. This release removes the QuickTime dependency on Windows as well as a number of minor fixes.

The installer is available to download now.

A selection of the fixed bugs,

  • autocomplete: no longer fails with delete key on Windows and fn+delete on Mac
  • dict: right inlet is properly ‘cold’
  • Jitter: Windows no longer requires Quicktime
  • Max For Live: fixed OpenGL-related crash when un-freezing some amxd devices
  • normalize~: fixed large value output miscalculation
  • Rewire: msprewiredevice.bundle back in installer
  • sfplay~ / buffer~: fixed issues with read / import mp3 in 64 bit when OS language is Polish
  • spigot~: fixed crash on Windows x86 when Quicktime is not installed

More details online.