117 Beat-en by Apples

Presented by Scott Hewitt , Adam Jansch and Samuel Freeman .

Loads of Apple news this week as it is WWDC

In News,

and in plunder, Studio Acoustics DIY tutorial at musictech.net. Cakewalk Vocal Month. MIDI Hackathon.

Highlights from WWDC

(via SH),

A new os version 10.10 Yosemite (Free in the Fall) with design changes including dark mode and the partial demise of dashboard.

iCloud Drive and updates to mail to make it easier to send big (DAW session) files.

Dr Dre called and said hi.

iOS 8 is announced and a ‘toxic hell stew’ became famous.

And also enterprise deployment support.

Family sharing for iTunes purchases as well.

Shazam and iTunes purchases from Siri.

App bundles now exist, as do preview videos in App Store as well, as Test Flight (in the fall).

iOS also get system wide extensions including support for custom keyboards.

TouchID also now offers API support as well for third party apps.

HomeKit also sees Apple enter home control placing itself as a new potential standard.

Also a new programming language called Swift and playgrounds.

No new hardware but then it is WWDC

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