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We are joined this week by a special guest Emily Richards of ccMixter.

The news of the indegogo for ccMixter


ccMixter Indiegogo

The ccMixter project is running an indiegogo to raise funds to keeps it running ad and subscription free. link

Apple Beats to iPhone/iPad to challenge Spotify

Finally it sounds like Apple are going to do something with Beats, take on Spotify directly. link

Pyo Release

Available for download now is a new release of pyo 0.7.3. link


ROLI announced on Tuesday that they have acquired JUCE, the C++ framework used by many audio tech software producers. link

Bitwig Studio reaches version 1.1

New DAW on the block, Bitwig Studio, has hit version 1.1, and has gained some new functionality with the update. link

Ableton Winter Seasons Greeting

Ableton have announced 20% off Push and Live as part of the Seasons Greetings sale. link

More details in the Spotify Swift dispute

The Guardian has an interesting article summarising the dispute between Spotify and Taylor Swift. link


Emily Richards of ccMixter

Emily Richards of ccMixter joins us to tell us about the ccMIxter indiegogo and how you can help keep music open for the world. Emily Richards, aka Snowflake CEO ArtisTech Media (parent of , , ) emilymusic @emilymusic link

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Kickstarter Corner – Expressiv MIDI Guitar System

We introduce Rob O’Reilly’s Expressiv MIDI Guitar System, which brings a multitude of MIDI control methods to the classic guitar form. link

Steve DiFurias Secrets of Analog and Digital Synthesis

If you’re in the mood for some classic instructional media on synthesis then head to YouTube and watch Steve DiFuria’s Secrets of Analog and Digital Synthesis, originally from 1985. link

Old Lexicon Hardware

Lexicon maintains an online list of old hardware which is kind of fun to take a look through. link