Presented by Scott Hewitt, Samuel Freeman and Adam Jansch.

Nineties samplers feature this week.


Sennheiser RS 195

Sennheiser have announced the release of the RS 195 headphones the first high quality wireless headphones designed to tackle age-releated hearing loss. link

Recode interview Tim Westergren of Pandora

Recode have an interesting interview with Tim Westergren of Pandora about how they thing the music industry could work in the future. link

TC Electronic The Key To Tone

Tone Print is just not for guitarist but also for keyboard players. link


A Brief Introduction to Historical Hardware Samplers

Armed with his mobile camera, Adam Jansch discusses the features and specs of classic hardware samplers.

Did it all start with the Mellotron? Adam gives us a tour of his hardware samplers, Firstly the Akai S1100 Sampler, with SCSI and multiple outputs. Secondly the Akai Z8 with built in hard rive, support for 24/96 and USB. Scott remembered the Yamaha A4000 and the SU10. Then Sam and the Casio SK1 8bit mobile sampling with a keyboard. Finally Adam remembers the Akai S3000XL.

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Discovering Electronic Music Documentary

An 1983 documentary by Bernard Wilets examining Electronic Music. link

The Ultimate Audiotape Guide

A list of existing tapes. link


MusicXML lets you move musical notation between different typesetters and it mostly works awesome! link