Presented by Scott Hewitt, Samuel Freeman and Adam Jansch.

Streaming and Daws and the return of Adam


Tracktion 6 Release

Tracktion 6 has been released and now offers Linux support as well as dedicated automation tracks, assignable Comp groups and time tools. link

Apple and Beats instead of iTunes

Digital trends suggest a future without iTunes but Beats instead. link

JayZ and Tidal vs Spotify and YouTube

The Verge on JayZ concert for Tidal users on Spotify and YouTube. link

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Qrates, the vinyl pressing startup

Qrates, think Kickstarter, Bandcamp and a vinyl pressing plant merged together. link

Cycling74 Max-Test Suite

Cycling74 have made public there internal Max test suite for checking functionality of objects and patches. link

iZotope Mastering with Ozone Guide

iZotope have updated their Mastering with Ozone Guide for 2015 available free now. link