55 Beasty Boss

Presented by Samuel Freeman , Scott Hewitt and Scott Mc Laughlin .

We are joined this week by a special guest Neil Cosgrove.


Neil Cosgrove

Interview with Neil Cosgrove about LNX Studio link

Tribute Adam Yauch

Fat Sound Design tips

This seminar will investigate the built-in graphical features of SuperCollider and how to use these artistically in combination with the sound synthesis server

Memorabilia. Collecting sound with… continues to unearth new materials for the Ràdio Web MACBA series on private collections of music and sound memorabilia
This music selection is a teaser for the MEMORABILIA. Collecting sounds with… Jonny Trunk lecture

Source of Uncertainty Indiegogo

SoundCloud Beta

Win With Boss

Duet for Synthesizer and the Washing

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