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Reason 7

Today we’re going to pretend we can play music better than we actually can. link

Before the release of Propellerheads Reason 7, the opening of this video, demonstrating the new ‘audio quantize’ type features, made me smile… it begins with the line:

Today we’re going to pretend we can play music better than we actually can

A few weeks on from its arrival, and the 7.0.1 update is now available (update news via KVR – and let’s not forget the Reason Essentials equivalent v2.0.1).

I (Sam F) have had chance to play a bit with some of the new features and will talk about them in the show today…

… (update) Adam Jansch and I talked about:

  • External MIDI – connect the Reason rack to outside world!
  • Faders in the rack view of a mix/audio channel – the mute, solo, pan and level controls of the mixer strip are now mirrored on the rack.
  • Spectrum analyser – a floating window that gives a frequency domain view of a track with an overlay option for editing the EQ curves of the channel.
  • New stuff in in the sound banks
  • Bus mixing of mixer channels gives new routing options (could also have mentioned the parallel processing options now available)
  • Requires Win7 / OSX.7 or above

Would I recommend it?

Yes, it’s a lot of fun and super quick to get something musical going on; beyond that there are many ways in which one can go deeper into the program if you choose to. Having a play with Reason 7 in demo mode is definitely worth it – especially if you have external midi gear hanging around…

Making music with Reason 7 is seriously enjoyable, as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously.

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