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Frank Bry

Frank Bry tells us about the Transfer Troubles he has been having with ProTools and Avid. @idaho_recordist link

Frank Bry (@idaho_recordist) has posted to Avid Pro Audio Community about his experience trying to pass on his PT9/10 setup now that he has Pro Tools 11. That post begins:

Here is my story: I have been using a Pro Tools HD2 TDM Accel for many years. I recently purchased a brand new PT10/11 Thunderbolt/Omni System and then transferred my TDM hardware (2 pcie cards and a 192 interface) to a dear friend. On my iLok is a PT9/10 bundle and a PT10/11 bundle. I attempted to transfer the PT9/10 bundle license to my friends iLok account but I found it was non-transferable. Oh Boy!

Looking at this info from Avid, it seems that the software license is supposed to so stay with the hardware, but a form needs to be filled out to make it happen (?) The only mentions of iLOK on that page seem to suggest that that side of things is separate from Avid’s relationship with the licensee.

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