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Lush Blend

Blend.io are hosting a competition based on the LuSH-101 from D16.

Open until 15 September 2014, the competition is based on a limited-time license for the LuSH-101 software instrument: it will only work for 30 minutes, and during that time you make your submission to the competition; two winners win the instrument.

Entries are DAW sessions to be published on blend.io, and during this period there is an invitation code that can be used to sign up.

Full details on the Blend Blog: Create A New Track In 30 Minutes Or Less With D16’s LuSH-101 & You Could Win It!

We first mentioned Blend.io on show 123.

More Reason to Blend:
Blend have also announced support for Reason!

Shure Patrol

Having subscribed for notification a few weeks ago, an email arrived this afternoon:

Shure presents: Snow Patrol Remix Competition.

In that email Shure write:

You are welcome to create something entirely new using the stems and your own additions. All we ask is that some part of the original song can be heard – so whether you use the violin, the piano, the vocal or a combination of any of the stems please be sure to make it clear some part of the original song has been utilized.

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