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Thunderstorm III HD Professional SFX

The Recordist has announced a new SFX library, Thunderstorm III HD Professional SFX.

Produced with help from ‘the thunder gods’ Thunderstorm III HD Professional SFX features Idaho lightning and thunder alongside rain tracks.

The sound library was recorded using a Sound Devices 702, Sennheiser MKH-8040ST XY, Sennheiser MKH-8040 ORTF and Sony PCM D-100.

Thunderstorm III HD Professional SFX is available to pre-order now at a discount price and is sue for release this September 2014.

Max 7 this Fall

David Zicarelli, founder of Cycling 74, has announced the intended release of Max 7 this coming fall (2014).

Quite a few changes detailed in the new Max 7 release including a new authorisation experience (bye bye serial numbers), new interactive lessons, new Max4Live devices, VST and AU parameter management and integrated pitch shifting and time compression / expansion into most objects that deal with sample playback.

Jitter will include direct render to texture while OpenGL support now includes shadows and post-processing such as depth-of-field and tone-mapping effects.

There will also be improvements to the patcher workflow with the introduction of snippets and the return of the pre Max5 object palette.

Finally Gen editing will be included as standard as it now is with Max 6 (as of Max version 6.1.8).


Positive Grid update JamUp

Positive Grid have announced an update to JamUp for iOS including three new expansions Vintage Effects, Acoustic Pro and Gurus Amps.

The Vintage Effects Expansion Pack includes Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster, Electro Harmonix Small Clone, Big Muff, Knockout Attack EQ, Boss DM-2 Analog Delay, Voodoo Labs Vibe, Fulltone OCD Overdrive and Demeter Tremulator Tremolo.

The Acoustic Expansion Pack; a complete acoustic tone solution for both acoustic and electric guitar players.

Finally the Gurus Amp Expansion Pack developed with Cicognani Engineering featuring 3 extremely powerful Amps.

Nuendo 6.5 Due In Final Quarter

Steinberg have announced that they intend Nuendo 6.5 to available in the final quarter of 2014.

Top 10 features

  • Automated Loudness processing to both industry standards such as EBU R128 and fully user-definable settings
  • Professional bass management including several routing and filter options coming with the new Bass Manager plug-in
  • ADR Taker 2.0 introduces a major update of Nuendo’s ADR taker system with enhancements for voice and foley recording such as new playback/recording modes, automated naming schemes and pre-record buffer
  • Nuendo TrackVersions allows for creating, renaming and managing parallel versions of the same track plus many addition features far beyond conventional playlists
  • Track visibility management speeds up handling especially of large projects by offering dynamic displaying of audio tracks and groups in the project window
  • Improved AAF Filter now supports even better import/export to Pro Tools and Media Composer
  • New monitoring and metering section for better source management and better overview on the most frequently used functions
  • Experience a richer sound with REVelation reverb and Magneto 2, a warm and smooth tape saturation plug-in
  • Track Quick Controls can now be saved as presets and loaded for immediate access
  • Steinberg Hub with direct access to user-defined folders and news section for the latest Nuendo product updates

The Nuendo Expansion Kit will also be upgrade while if you have activated Nuendo 6 since the 14th April 2014 there will be a free, downloadable update.

Cubasis Update

Steinberg have announced the release of Cubasis version 1.8 for iOS now with Audiobus 2.0 support, MIDI CC and Automation.

New in version 1.8

  • Automation
  • MIDI CC, program change & aftertouch support
  • Mixer-side global control panel
  • Phase inversion plug-in for audio channels
  • Redesigned effect rack
  • Audiobus 2.0 support

Minimum system requirements

  • iOS 6.0.1
  • iPad 2 (48 voices), iPad Generation 3 (64 voices), iPad Generation 4 (64 voices), iPad mini (48 voices)
  • Cubase versions required for project import: Cubase 7/6.5, Cubase Artist 7/6.5, Cubase LE/AI/Elements 6 and Cubase LE/AI/Elements 7

Logic Update

It has happened….

Apple have announced an update to Logic.

Logic Pro X 10.0.7 release highlights as selected by me (SH):

  • Distortion II plug-in now offers a Distortion Output Level and Mix control

  • Now possible to activate/deactivate multiple plug-ins on a channel strip by vertically click-dragging the mouse over their power buttons

  • Auxiliary channel strips assigned to Tracks will now generate audio files with some export options

Of course, it would not be a real TheAudioPodcast update story without highlighting the best bug fixes:

Logic no longer sometimes quits unexpectedly when:

  • Dragging audio from the Project Audio window to the Tracks area.

  • You insert a blank recordable DVD while Logic is running.

  • Performing undo after certain operations.

I suspect Adam will be happy……..

Ardour 3.5.357 Released

The Ardour team have announced the release of Ardour 3.5.357 which fixes critical bugs and is recommended to all users.

Additionally the release all offers stem exporting, touch sensing with Mackie control devices and correct automation recording of faders with the SSL Nucleus. There is also a change to automation data input when using the mouse though this change has been discussed online through the mailing group; a great feature of an open source project.

MOTU Releases Digital Performer 8.06

MOTU have announced the release of Digital Performer 8.06.

Some of the changes with typical TheAudioPodcast focus; improved operation with multiple Core Audio devices running under 10.9, sends can now be dragged and dropped in the mixer, just like effect settings, fix for an issue on Windows where Digidesign Accel HD hardware wouldn’t change sample rate and also improved compatibility with iZotope RX3.

More Minor ProTools

Avid have announced another minor release of ProTools (is this the beginning of a weekly release cycle?).

Version 11.1.2 of ProTools is available now, my (SH) update highlights are,

  • Pro Tools no longer quits unexpectedly on launch with networked home folders via OS X Open Directory.
  • Pro Tools now recognises Finder folders that contain a forward slash “/” in their name.

This high frequency ProTools updates make me (SH) wonder about how frequently I should bother updating applications.

Ardour Gets Video

Ardour 3.2 has been released and now supports video for ease of soundtrack editing.

It also supports a modular setup from the blurb,

  • One machine: all video decoding, video monitoring and Ardour audio
  • Two machines: separate video-monitor and Ardour
  • Three machines: separate video-server (for timeline decoding and file-archive), dedicated video-monitor and Ardour

Some other changes in the release,

OSC access to send gain parameters and the ability chain together LV2 plugins that accept and output MIDI data.

More details online.

Nuendo 6 Due Q1 2013

Steinberg have announced Nuendo 6 due for release in the first quarter of 2013 featuring advance surround panning and EBU-compliant metering.

From the blurb,

  • Groundbreaking new mixing console for enhanced operational speed, including a brand-new channel strip with high-quality effects
  • Nuendo 6 ADR Taker solution for voice recording and language dubbing makes external ADR solution redundant
  • Fully integrated loudness measurement, featuring EBU-compliant metering plus a large choice of RMS metering scales and a dedicated loudness lane
  • Anymix Pro from IOSONO for state-of-the-art surround productions and Voxengo CurveEQ with sound-matching technology

More details online.

And there is a grace upgrade period from Nuendo 5 details online.