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BIAS Desktop Amp Matching Modeler

Positive Grid have announced the release of BIAS Desktop Amp Matching Modeler available as an AAX/RTAS/AU/VST.

Supported on Windows 7, 8 and OSX 10.7+ in both 32 and 64bit it is available now.

The BIAS Desktop Amp Matching Modeler, included in BIAS Professional, features the ability to design amps to then be modelled. These designs can then be shared via ToneCloud.

Other cool features,

  • Complete, accurate, and versatile amp modeling software available in the world
  • 36 HD amp models included with the introductory release
  • Amp Matching captures any miced amp or recorded track and creates a matched model
  • Share and download thousands of artist- and user-created and matched amp models on ToneCloud
  • Fully customizable preamps, tone stacks, power amps, transformers, cabinets and mic selection and placement
  • Customize the look and feel of your own amp panel; change the name, tolex, panel and knobs.

Tascam DR-22WL and DR-44WL

Tascam have announced two new portable recorders the DR-22WL and DR-44WL.

Both recorders feature WIFI connectivity allowing direct uploading of recorded material, audio streaming, file transfer and transport control.

The DR-22WL is a 96K/24bit recorded featuring an XY stereo condenser pair and comes with a free iOS or Android app for remote control of recordings. The DR-22WL uses microSDXC card and supports cards up 128GB in size.

The DR-44WL is a 4 track recorder featuring a pair of XLR inputs as well as a built in stereo condenser and the wifi functionality of the DR-22WL. Additionally the DR-44WL features a multitrack mode allowing individual tracks to be written one at a time with controllable reverb. For video shooters the DR-44WL also has a hot-shoe mount. The DR-44WL uses SDXC card and supports cards up 512GB in size.


Spitfire Audio have announced the release of EDNA01 – EARTH a collection of processed orchestral sounds.

This is best explained with a quote from the press release…

So what on earth is EDNA01 – EARTH, exactly? Easy answer. For the last five years Spitfire Audio has been cherry-picking its way through the best musical moments from seven years’ worth of orchestral recordings and placing them through a series of extraordinary analogue and digital signal-warping chains to create the largest sound set of jaw-dropping, next-generation, organic-sounding electronics ever heard anywhere on earth. Either this is some of the best hyperbole ever written or something special has been happening behind closed doors, waiting for the right moment to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting music-making masses, more often than not already jaded by the morass of identikit, mainstream, and cliched dance and pop sounds already available elsewhere.

Available on promotion pricing until October 1st 2014.

SessionBand Country Released

    UK Music Apps Ltd has announced SessionBand Country – Volume 1, an iOS app with over 12,000 chord-based, copyright-free country audio loops. The collection has been put together under the guidance of Geoff Gascoyne.

    Audio content is downloaded to the device for offline use while the SessionBand apps features automated mixing, auto-transpose, one-touch recording, real-time tempo shift and Audiobus compatibility.

    SessionBand Country – Volume 1 is available in the iTunes store.


iRig Mic Field

IK Multimedia has announced the iRig Mic Field, a high quality stereo field record designed for both video and audio projects.

The iRig Mic Field offers 24bit 44.1/48kHz stereo audio recording with matched cardioid capsules. A unique feature of the iRig is the ability to rotate it independently of the iPhone allowing correct stereo field capture regardless of the device orientation (proper stereo when recording landscape video) .

The iRig Mic Field will be available October 2014 and is compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad Air, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini with Retina display and iPad mini. iOS 6.0 or later is required.

PreSonus StudioLive RM-series

PreSonus have some new rack-mount digital mixers: the StudioLive RM Series.

Designed to work with PreSonus’ established UC Surface control software, these racks of up to 32 mic inputs and 16 Mix outputs:

PreSonus® UC Surface control software for Mac, Windows, and iPad was carefully designed for intuitive and quick performance in a live mixing environment but also serves well in the studio.

Thunderstorm III HD Professional SFX

The Recordist has announced a new SFX library, Thunderstorm III HD Professional SFX.

Produced with help from ‘the thunder gods’ Thunderstorm III HD Professional SFX features Idaho lightning and thunder alongside rain tracks.

The sound library was recorded using a Sound Devices 702, Sennheiser MKH-8040ST XY, Sennheiser MKH-8040 ORTF and Sony PCM D-100.

Thunderstorm III HD Professional SFX is available to pre-order now at a discount price and is sue for release this September 2014.

Max 7 this Fall

David Zicarelli, founder of Cycling 74, has announced the intended release of Max 7 this coming fall (2014).

Quite a few changes detailed in the new Max 7 release including a new authorisation experience (bye bye serial numbers), new interactive lessons, new Max4Live devices, VST and AU parameter management and integrated pitch shifting and time compression / expansion into most objects that deal with sample playback.

Jitter will include direct render to texture while OpenGL support now includes shadows and post-processing such as depth-of-field and tone-mapping effects.

There will also be improvements to the patcher workflow with the introduction of snippets and the return of the pre Max5 object palette.

Finally Gen editing will be included as standard as it now is with Max 6 (as of Max version 6.1.8).