If your coming on the show as a guest here is some useful information.

Things to do before hand

Please add TheAudioPodcast (https://plus.google.com/101024311165159374232) to one of your circles in Google+ so we can easily invite you into the hangout.

If you have not used a hangout before then let us know and we will sort out a setup session.

For the show notes we will add a post about your interview so please feel free to confirm the url you would like included and any particular title or context you wish to be framed within.

Finally it might be worth giving a show a listen just to get a feel for it. (Perhaps with an interview.)

The important thing is that we are family friendly.

We also always work on London time.

Podcasting Made Easy

For the recording a set of headphones is essential, an external microphone is useful but not required.

It's also worth remembering that the video of the show also goes live so its worth looking behind you for things you don't want to be in the video.

We will do the interview at the start of the show after which feel free to either stay and join in with the rest of the show or else depart.

The show is streamed live via Youtube, and released as a podcast a few hours later.

After The Show

We will email the links to the show notes, which will contain the audio and video links. Please feel free to share them.

The show is Creative Commons dual licensed, CC BY ND and CC BY NC SA.