Since the first episode was recorded on the 15th February 2011 the Audio Podcast has been interviewing and reviewing its way through the world of the audio and music technology.


We have interviewed,

Emily Richards of ccMixter , Matthew Hines of iZotope , Samuel Verburg Interview About Tuna Knobs , Sam Butler of Avid , Daniel Spreadbury of Steinberg , Frank Bry , Creative Technology Live Interview , Dominic Thibault , Jay Stannard , Thomas Bonte and Nicolas Froment of MuseScore , Derek Williams , Adam Jansch , Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut , Jesse Allison of Electrotap , Spencer Salazar about ChucK , Neil Cosgrove , Peter Forrest , Dan Stowell , Frank Bry , David Zicarelli , David Butler , Franz Rosati , Paul Davis ,


We have reviewed,

BeatHawk, Reason 8, ampLion Pro, iRig Voice Review, String Studio VS-2 from AAS, IK Multimedia's iRings, Reason 7, Spark Vintage Drum Machines,


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