The Quiz 2014 Review


  1. Which version of cubase was released this year?
  2. 2014 saw the release of a brand new DAW. What is it called?
  3. Which version of Iris was released this year?
  4. Which streaming service did Taylor Swift fall out with?
  5. Which version of Reason was released this year?
  6. Who delivered the 2014 BBC Music John Peel Lecture?
  7. In which Month was Max 7 released?
  8. What is Google November announced Music service called?
  9. What was Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond refering to when he said, “It’s kinda like what U2 and Apple did, except that it’s music that you actually want!”
  10. Which music streaming service launched in January this year?
  11. MOTU released their first Thunderbolt audio interface this year; what’s it called?
  12. Which company announced the release of Impact Xi Keyboard controllers?
  13. Who will eventually release the Traktor Kontrol S8?
  14. Which synth makers released the SUB 37?
  15. Which band gave you an album even if you did not ask for it?
  16. Who offered to pay The Beta Band with vouchers?
  17. Which version of RX was released this year?
  18. The ‘Music for Robots’ EP was released by Warp Records, and performed by the Z-Machines, but who composed the music?
  19. Which long standing Apple product was discontinued this year?
  20. Who announced the StudioLive RM Series this year?
  21. Which version of Sadie was released last this year?
  22. Which medium celebrated 10 years in August?
  23. What drum machine became super sized?
  24. Who released SPATv3 this year?
  25. Which band helped out a fan via reddit?
  26. What is the title of, and who released version 1.2 of their outcome record on the iOS platform?
  27. What is Ocenaudio?
  28. Who celebrated their 30th year of business this year having released ‘Multitrack Recorder’ in 1984, and what computer did that program run?
  29. Which company made a big deal out of Knobs?
  30. In which month was VST Connect Performer releaased?
  31. Which version of Notion was released in 2014?
  32. Which DAW sync and share service started this year?
  33. Which UK based company launched the Modulus.002?
  34. Who bought Songza?
  35. Which Company released a Drum Machine Dock for iPad?
  36. Which guild did YouTube upset?
  37. Who called WWDC this year?
  38. Has Logic Pro X been updated this week?
  39. Roli have been in the news a few times this year, what’s the name of their flagship musical controller interface?
  40. Who released iRing?
  41. Which country hosted MIDI HACK 2014?
  42. What are the AKG Y-Series?
  43. Who didnt release Digital Headphones?
  44. Who acquired Beats?

Answers in the next show . . .

Phenol patchable analogue synth

Kickstarter Corner – Phenol patchable analogue synthesizer

The final Kickstarter Corner for 2014, and here we have the Phenol patchable analogue synthesizer.

Compatible with other modular analogue synths, the Phenol is small enough to sit on your lap, with a main panel covered in dials and switches. The its sound creation engine is centred around two oscillators, two filters, two VCAs, two envelope generators and an LFO. USB and MIDI feature, as do audio output and input, and much more.

Currently, you can pledge $779 CAD to get a Phenol (which will retail for $849 CAD post-Kickstarter), and the Kickstarter finishes off on January 16th 2015 (though I wonder if there will be any Phenols left by then…).


iZotope Iris 2

iZotope have released a new version of their sample-based synth instument: Iris 2 is currently (until 11 December) on sale at $199.00 – which is about 1/3 off the usual price – upgrade pricing has a similar reduction during this sale.

From the press-release:

iZotope’s award-winning spectral filtering technology contributes to the Iris experience. Users can visualize and edit their sound with incredible precision by drawing, selecting, and isolating sonic components from each sample layer.

That spectral filtering technology is at the heart of iZotope’s RX audio repair software; Matthew Hines of iZotope joined us on show 128 to discuss this just before the release of RX4.

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