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New software, hardware and does anyone care about audio quality?


Windows 10 and the Future of Audio

New audio features we can expect in Windows 10. link

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Audacity Release 2-1-1

Audacity 2.1.1 release adding scrub and seek and backwards playback. link

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ROLI Seaboard Splash Down

The ROLI Seaboard GRAND Stage is available to try and buy in selected UK music stores link

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Bolt Tear Down Countefeit Headphones

The Beats headphones in the Bolt tear down were counterfeit so what difference does it make? link

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Things that prove audio quality does not matter

An article of reasons why no one cares about sound quality. link

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Gizmodo on the Tefifon

Gizmodo have an interesting article about the West German Tefifon. link

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Berlin and Electronic Music 1969 to 1980

A history of the 70's electronic music of Berlin. link

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