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Max Minor Update

Cycling74 have announced a minor update of Max to version 7.2.3. link

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Reaper DAW Adds Notation

Reaper has been undated to version 5.20 which now includes a MIDI notation editor. link

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Steinberg announce Dorico

Steinberg have announced Dorico, Steinbergs new scoring application due for release Q4 2016. link

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Audfified MixerChecker

Audfified have announced the release of MixChecker plugin for mix checking. link

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Native Instruments Release Replika XT

Native Instruments have announced the release of a new delay effect Replika XT. link

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MuseScore Semi Realtime MIDI part of GSoC 2016

The first information about the Google Summer of Code work on MuseScore reagrding Semi-Realtime MIDI. link

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Apple iCloud Music Library Data Loss Risk

iCloud Music Library automatically turned on as part of an Apple Music Subscription deletes your files that is what it is meant to do. link

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Moog Model 15 iOS App

Moog have enjoined the release of the Model 15 App for iOS offering much of the functionality of the hardware Model 15 in an iOS app. link

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The BBC and Loudness in Broadcast Production

An article from the BBC academy regarding loudness in programming. link

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David Zicarelli, Max and Juce

The history of Max and the use of Juce within Max. link

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