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We return what more could you ask for Christmas?


PRS For Music and SoundCloud

PRS, MCPS and SoundCloud have reached a royalties collection agreement. link

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Ghostly Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas

New Scientist has an interesting article about auditory illusions and why you can hear things that are not there. link

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Max 7.1 Released

Cycling 74 have announced the release of Max version 7.1 featuring a new Package Manger and full patch Snapshots. link

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Shure Release MOTIV Series Microphones and Interfaces

Shure have announced the release of the MOTIV series of interfaces and microphones for iOS, Mac and PC. link

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Will LPs save Music and Tescos?

The rise of vinyl continues as Tesco announces plans to sell vinyl. link

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Stem Creator Released

Native Instruments announces the release of Stem Creator. link

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ROLI Unveils Seaboard RISE

ROLI have released the Seaboard RISE a next generation musical instrument in a more portable size and affordable price. link

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BBC Charter Review Possible Furture Music Streaming Service

As part of the BBC charter review the possibility of a BBC streaming service has been documented. link

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Happy Birthday Not Under Copyright?

Happy Birthday may not be under copyright! link

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TAP Christmas Playlist

A little collection of music for the holidays. link

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HTML-909 Rhythm Composer Online

Great way to spend the holiday making a groove. link

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All I Want For Christmas In Many Styles

All I want for Christmas in many styles. link

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UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive

The UCSB archive of gathered cylinder recordings from the late 1800's onwards. link

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Making Max Crash and Recover

How to make Max 7 crash for debugging purposes. link

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