67 Sib Synth Notation

Presented by Scott Hewitt , Samuel Freeman and Adam Jansch .

We are joined this week by a special guest Derek Williams.

We have an interview with Derek Williams.


Derek Williams

Derek Williams on the future of Sibelius. link

After the announcement of Avid closing down the UK Sibelius office, www.sibeliususers.org has been launched.

This show (67) we have an interview with Derek Williams from sibeliususers.org.

From the new site,

The newly-formed Sibelius Users organization:

  1. passionately believes that Sibelius plays too important a part in the creative lives of too many people worldwide to be lost
  2. is anxious to play an active role in influencing its development … we are its users!
  3. is committed to guiding Sibelius to new owners with the means, vision and commitment to develop, maintain and support Sibelius
  4. given the current diversity of reactions across a multitude of social media, wishes to act as an intermediary to channel the feelings of Sibelius users.

They are currently asking for petition signatures.

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