Available now as a free update Ableton have released Live version 9.2 featuring numerous cool free updates. Warping has improved transient response and there is a new tuner device.

Sets that contain Max 4 Live devices will see latency improvements including fully compensated automaton. Also Max 4 Live now uses version 7 of Max as well offering support for may new Max 7 objects.

64 pad mode is also available for push controllers as well.

Full release notes are available here which indicates support for Roland A-Pro keyboards, Serato bridge compatibility and update 808 and 909 kits. However it does also include the line,

Dropped compatibility for Windows XP and Vista, OS X 10.5 and 10.6.

Best (in Audio podcast terms) bug fix,

Fixed a rare crash which might happen on OS X with certain input sources.

Live 9.2 is available as a free update to registered users now.

More details online.