Presented by Scott Hewitt, Samuel Freeman and Adam Jansch.

So how do you make an album with two side that have to be the same length?


Premium Sound microSDXC

Sony bring "premium sound" microSDXC cards to the market. link

Beatport Streaming without Ads.

SFX owned Beatport is running a closed beta featuring streaming without ads. link

Synthino XM Kickstarter

A kickstarter to fund the creation of 5-note polyphonic synthesizer with 4-track sequencer. ADSR envelope, LFO, filter, MIDI, and MIDI over USB the Synthino XM. link


Creating A Record On Cassette, part 1

Going through the stages of making a record specifically for cassette tape.

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Kitten loves Melodyne

Something a little silly but it turns out that this kitten is keen to follow Melodyne. link

The Winstons Amen Breakbeat Gesture

A crowd funded gesture to pay Richard L Spencer for his arrangement of the Amen break. link