Presented by Scott Hewitt, Samuel Freeman and Adam Jansch.

MIDI on Chrome and the DAWs of the future.


Presonus Release of Studio One Version 3

Extended FX Chains and multi layer instruments as well as pattern style arranging are part of Studio One version 3. link

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The Old Sony and Spotify Contract

Details of the expired Sony Spotify contract. link

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Chrome does MIDI

Version 43 of Google's Chrome browser includes in-built support for MIDI. link

Android does MIDI (over USB Type-C)

The next big release of Android (codenamed Android M) will include support for MIDI connections over USB Type-C connections. link

Apple Music Next Week?

Digital Music News are reporting the release of Apple Music could be next week. link

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Audio in Web UI

OReilly on the practical use of audio in website user interfaces. link