Presented by Scott Hewitt, Samuel Freeman and Adam Jansch.

Adam and tape and the future of open source audio projects.


Marshall goes digital

Marshall releases Plexi Super Lead plugin, a Marshall simulation plugin for Universal Audio's Apollo interfaces. link

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Ardour 4 Released

Version 4.0 of Ardour has been released, now on Windows and without JACK. link

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Morgan Stanley on Pandora

Morgan Stanley reporting on Pandora will it survive and in what way? link

UltraLite AVB

MOTU have announced the UltraLite AVB 18 input, 18 output USB interface with wifi control and AVB audio networking. link


Creating A Record On Cassette Part 2

The second part of Adam Janschs use of cassette tape. Part 1 in show 142. link

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Libre Graphics Worlds Audacity Interview

An interview with Ardour team about the future post version 2.1. link

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Rise of the Bedroom Producer

A documentary about the Rise of the Bedroom Producer by Mo Taha from 2011. link

Inside Abbey Road

An interactive tour of Abbey Road studios hosted by Google. link